about meco-henne


Meco-Henne Contracting, Inc. began in 1989 as a commercial general contractor. In the last 34 years, we’ve expanded our services to all types of commercial contracting, and have partnered with hundreds of companies and organizations in the Midwest. Our  employees are committed to providing the best solutions for each and every project.

Core Values

always safe

We will always take the utmost care of our employees and subcontractors by adhering to strict safety guidelines and company safety policies. We spare no cost in providing a safe working environment on all jobsites.


Meco-Henne takes enormous pride in the fact that we have very little turnover. Our management team and our field personnel average 10 years or more with our company. This results in dedicated workers who influence the successful results on our projects. Our employees share in the progress and development of our overall growth as a business partner and provide a culture of hard-working employees with a common objective. We base success on completion of goals that we have established for each project.


It is our goal to provide the level of professionalism and aspirations in the office and in the field, to produce a product for our clients that exceeds their expectations. We will take the extra steps necessary to accomplish short term and long-term goals that make the project successful in this manner.


We will always provide the ultimate standard of honesty while working with our clients. Building a relationship based on trust and integrity will make us a partner for the future along with becoming a reputable company in our industry.


It is our responsibility to provide a competent project management service to our clients, employees, and subcontractors to make our projects successful. We will use our expertise to watch for details, submittals, and design issues that could delay or create unnecessary costs to the project. We will manage our subcontractors on quality and schedule to achieve milestones that we promised to the project. We take pride in being excellent overall managers with high expectations and the ability to make projects run efficiently.


We believe that every job is an opportunity to make us better and to prove our skillful approach to each client or partner. Our employees understand that we are building relationships and services along with the structures that we complete. We measure success first by achieving a “Job well done” compliment from the project teams that we work for. We want a positive referral at the end of every job, and we will take all necessary steps to do so. It is how we judge ourselves at the end of the day.