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Jim Lewis

Facilities Director, Mount Michael

“I am writing this 1letter of recommendation on behalf of Chris Emanuel project superintendent with Meco-Henne Contracting. Chris has completed several major projects for Mount Michael the most recent being the $8,000,000 D.JI. Sokol Learning for Life Building. Throughout these projects Chris has shown a detailed knowledge of the construction documents and the experience to execute them. He takes immense pride in his projects and goes above and beyond to make the entire construction experience successful for owner architect and contractor. He is a dedicated team player and puts the owners needs as his highest priority on the job. His projects are safe and well organized. Chris works daily with subcontractors to provide quality installations and monitors submittals and field changes to ensure a positive result for all aspects of the project.

Chris is truly a dedicated individual who devotes every effort to his craft
as Superintendent. He will be a huge asset to any project that he is involved with. I highly recommend Chris for any project.

Brian Howell, PE, CxA

Federal Program Manager, FARRIS ENGINEERING

“I had the pleasure of working with Meco-Henne as the general contractor on a renovation of the oldest building on the UNO campus. Meco-Henne Project Manager/ Superintendent Nick Jones and his team made a project that would otherwise have been a nightmare into a very successful award winning, on-time and under budget project.

The Arts and Sciences Hall (ASH) on the UNO campus is just under 100 years old and, as with any building that age, was chocked full of surprises. The original scope of the project was anything but simple; completely replace the aging infrastructure within the building, rework the main restrooms, “refresh” all corridors and classrooms, oh and Don’t Shut The Building Down. However, due to some unexpected budget windfalls, the project ended up with excess funds roughly 3 months into construction and thus the scope grew. The University decided to use these funds to do “as much as possible” with what they had. What ensued was a whirlwind of user group meetings, pricing requests, change orders, and design on the fly upgrades. Throughout all of this Nick and his team kept things organized helped us focus the users and kept the project moving along smoothly. What started as a design-bid-build project model morphed into a design-build/CMAR style of project and they handled the transition wonderfully.

None of this would have been possible without solid lines of communication between the Meco Henne, the design team, and the University. Communication was started very early on in the project allowing efficient and judgement free discussions throughout the entire construction process. At some point it seemed that every wall that came down or chase that was opened a new issue was identified. Nick made sure that he immediately alerted any interested parties to get the balling rolling on a solution, often already having a proposed solution prepared.

The quality of work I observed on-site was exceptional. Nick and his crew held themselves to a very high standard and ensured others on-site did as well. During final inspections it was difficult to even find anything wrong, but the superintendent would be sure to point out even the smallest of things. Little issues that he had previously identified and was already in the process of getting fixed.

Having a partner like Meco-Henne on the ASH project was a necessary part of its success. I look forward to working with Meco-Henne in the future and fully recommend them and their work.”

Dr. Mark Hopkins

Superintendent, Treynor Community School

“It is a pleasure to recommend Meco-Henne for any building project! The Meco-Henne team was on site for two years to complete a new high school addition, which included a beautiful auditorium and spacious classrooms for band, vocal music, and art. They also completed renovation projects to convert the old auditorium into a new wrestling facility, and to convert the old band and vocal classrooms into new locker rooms. Their work has transformed our facilities and has made the school a better place for students to excel!

During their time on site, the Meco-Henne team was conscientious about working with administrators to ensure that there was minimal disruption to the teaching/learning process during regular school hours. In addition, they were professional and communicated regularly with the Board of Education and administrators. To be honest, the Meco-Henne team became part of our school family for two years, and we have sincerely appreciated their hard work and dedication!”

Ricardo Camio

Associate Principal, BCDM Architects

“BCDM has a long and successful history of partnerships with Meco-Henne. Our team’s success is built on trust and personal relationships developed over the course of many projects. BCDM has appreciated Meco-Henne’s responsiveness and proactive approach to providing value to a project. Their team consistently creates solutions to issues, engages the team, and seeks efficiencies that reduce costs and maintain schedules, all to the benefit of the owner.”

Nelson Link

Construction Services, BCDM Architects

“Meco-Henne’s partnership with the owner and BCDM during construction was a key component to the project and its success. Meco-Henne’s dedicated staff and trade partners are committed to quality control throughout

Kevin Strehle

Principal, ASLA

BCDM is pleased to provide a letter of recommendation for MECO HENNE.

BCDM has worked with MECO HENNE on a variety of project large and small and we have found they have completed the work as scheduled.

We currently are working with MECO HENNE on the Treynor Community Schools fine arts addition and renovation. They have been a great partner on the project. As occurs on most project. that have been issues that have risen with unforeseen conditions, weather and separate contract. In each case MECO HENNE has worked with BCDM & the owner to maintain schedule and mitigate cost changes.

BCDM looks forward to working with MECO HENNE in the future.

Patrick Phelan

Gretna Public Schools

“I had the pleasure to work with the Meco-Henne team on several projects at Gretna Public Schools, both as an architect with the DLR Group and as the new Director of Facilities for the Gretna Public School district. I found the MH team to be very professional, fair and of high integrity in dealing with the real world issues of construction management. I would highly recommend the Meco Henne team for the fine arts and classroom project that you are considering them for. Feel free to contact me, Patrick Phelan, at (402) 981-7683 or you can email me at, if you have any questions or concerns.”

Terry Haack

Superintendent, Bennington Public Schools

“Meco-Henne Contracting, inc. was awarded the general construction contract in 2015 to build a 20,000 square foot addition as well as build
an outdoor stadium. Meco-Henne started and finished both projects on time. Both projects had very little in additional cost due to change orders. It is without reservation that I recommend Meco- Henne Contracting, Inc. as a candidate for your general contracting needs.”

Jim Lewis

Director of Facilities, Mount Michael

”Meco-Henne Contracting has been the General Contractor on four separate projects totaling over $12,000,000 dollars’ worth of work. In all cases, they have provided expertise in value engineering and have been a great team member in making the schedules and budgets work for Mount Michael. All four projects have been done on schedule and within budget while providing a great team working atmosphere.”

Brad Muehling

Lead Project Manager, Uno Arts & Sciences Hall

“I am pleased to recommend Meco-Henne and their Project Manager Nick Jones for future work. The ASH renovation project was a multi-year rehabilitation project in an Historic campus landmark building ASH remained occupied during construction which added multiple layers of complexity to the mechanical and

Dr. Mark Hopkins

Superintendent, Treynor Public Schools

“During their time on site, the Meco-Henne team was conscientious about working with administrators to ensure that there was minimal disruption to the teaching/learning process during regular school hours. In addition, they were professional and communicated regularly with the Board of Education and administrators. To be honest, the Meco-Henne team became part of our school family for two years, and we have sincerelyappreciated their hard work and dedication!”

Dr. Richard Beran

Superintendent, Gretna Public Schools

“Obviously, from their repeated selection we have been happy with the work that they have done. I have found both Jon Henne and Jon Jr. to be men of integrity. If there is ever an issue, they take care of it. They are also excellent problem solvers and because of their experience will look for cost & time savings and better solutions every chance they can. If you are looking for a partner that is trustworthy and will work for your best interests Meco-Henne Contracting is a great company to go with.”

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